Bitcoin Education is a Civic Duty
Represent your constituents with the right digital assets knowledge
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"Policymakers and policy professionals are always short on time. That is why tools like Learn Bitcoin are so important. These tools help reduce the time and energy needed to learn the critical components of Bitcoin."
Dennis Porter
Dennis Porter
CEO & Co-Founder, Satoshi Action Fund
What you'll learn
  • How does money work?
  • What causes inflation and recessions?
  • Explain Bitcoin to me like I'm five...
  • Can governments ban Bitcoin?
  • Has Bitcoin ever been hacked?
  • How do I invest safely in Bitcoin?
  • What is the Bitcoin ETF?
  • Can I buy Bitcoin in my retirement account?
  • What's a Central Bank Digital Currency?
  • ...And more!

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has gone from an obscure technology, to an investable commodity asset (like gold, silver and oil). Its limited supply makes it the most scarce form of money.

Many invest in Bitcoin because

it is a hedge against inflation. But people have a hard time understanding Bitcoin.

Until now. versus other education platforms:
  • We are


    We do not educate you on unregistered securities
  • Taught by a

    University Professor

    who specializes in Bitcoin
  • 4 hours of

    high quality content

    instead of 100s of hours of YouTube confusion
  • Because

    you want to be the public servant in the room

    who gets Bitcoin when it comes up
  • Join a paywalled Discord community to continue learning and

    network with your constituents

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Did you know?
Bitcoin is a Single Issue Voter topic for many Americans.
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