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"Quality onboarding and professional educational content for the next Bitcoin cycle is both a huge need and opportunity - and Keith and the team at are filling that gap."
Matt Dines
Matt Dines
CIO, Build Asset Management
What you'll learn
  • Explain Bitcoin to me like I'm five...
  • What is the Bitcoin ETF?
  • How do I invest safely in Bitcoin?
  • Can I buy Bitcoin in my retirement account?
  • Can governments ban Bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin's historical Sharpe ratio
  • Bitcoin's role in a traditional 60/40 portfolio
  • Has Bitcoin ever been hacked?
  • What's a Central Bank Digital Currency?
  • ...And more!

Learn Bitcoin and Earn 4.5 CE Credit Hours for CFP and IWI!
Why should I Sign Up?

In November 2022,

the CFP Board sent out a Notice to CFP Members, reminding them of the “Duty of Competence” when advising for, or against, digital assets like Bitcoin, which is now a $1 trillion asset class with over 12 Spot Bitcoin ETFs awaiting approval from asset managers like Blockrock, Fidelity and Invesco, who manage $17 trillion AUM globally. The time to learn is now. Not when your clients are looking for Bitcoin-educated advisors. versus other education platforms:
  • Bitcoin-Only:

    Bitcoin is a commodity in the eyes of the SEC. Be careful with platforms that try and educate you on other digital assets, which the SEC has clearly stated are unregistered securities.
  • Earn CE Credits:

    Earn and have fun learning at the same time!
  • Highest Professional Quality:

    Taught by a

    University Professor

    who specializes in Bitcoin
  • Save Time:

    4 hours of content instead of 20+ of hours of confusion
  • Get ahead of the curve:

    Your clients are asking about it, show them your expertise
  • Network and Meet Clients:

    Join a paywalled Discord community to continue learning and

    network with your peers

What's your time worth?

Calculate your “hourly rate” by taking your weekly salary and dividing by 40. If it's $50 or above, then you should consider this course.
Did you know?
Bitcoin is the only digital asset that the SEC stated is a commodity and not a security.
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