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Intellectual Property Rights and Use Limitations

The content available on our platform, unless explicitly indicated, is the property of our company and partners and protected by international copyright and other intellectual property laws. It is for your personal, non-commercial use.

Unless you've received explicit written approval from us, you agree not to:

  1. Archive, store, or post materials from our platform on any internet-enabled server
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  3. attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software contained on the Learn Bitcoin web site
  4. Create abstracts from our platform's information for use on other platforms
  5. Modify, frame, or redirect our platform's content.

This license shall automatically terminate if you violate any of these restrictions and may be terminated by Learn Bitcoin at any time. Upon terminating your viewing of these materials or upon the termination of this license.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities

Because of the variety of information sources and potential electronic distribution issues, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information on our platform or endorse views expressed within.

We, our agents, and collaborators do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, currentness, non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a specific purpose of the content available on our platform. In no event shall our company, its agents, or licensors be liable for any loss or injury caused in whole or part by negligence or contingencies beyond our control in procuring, compiling, interpreting, reporting, or delivering our platform content.

User-Generated Content

By submitting any form of content to our platform, you affirm that you are the rights holder for the content provided, that the content is not misleading, and does not violate this Agreement or any laws. We maintain the right to remove or edit any user-contributed content but we are not obligated to review or remove such content.

Referral Program

Learn Bitcoin offers a Referral Program to provide benefits to our active pro members and referral partners. By participating in our Referral Program, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Referral Eligibility: Referrals will only be accumulated for active pro members or individuals specifically defined as referral partners at the time when the referee completes their purchase.
  2. Validity of Referral Link: Visits from a referral link will be considered valid for a period of two weeks on the same device that a potential referee visits the referral link.
  3. Awarding Referral Credit: The referral link that has been most recently clicked by the referee before making a purchase will be awarded the entire referral credit.
  4. One-Time Referrals: Referrals are limited to one-time per customer. A referee is only eligible to be referred if their purchase is the first-ever transaction on our website.
  5. Referral Payouts: Referral payouts will be processed once per quarter. Please note that the frequency of payouts may be subject to change at our discretion.
  6. Eligibility for Referral Payouts: Referees who complete purchases will become eligible for payout to the referrer after a period of 30 days.
  7. Taxpayer Information: If the referral payouts exceed the yearly threshold as required by US federal law, we may request taxpayer information to fulfill our legal obligations.
  8. One-Time Referral Payout: The referral is a one-time payout for a portion of the proceeds of the sale. Please note that there are no recurring referral payouts.

Please note that by participating in our Referral Program, you acknowledge that Learn Bitcoin reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time without prior notice. Any modifications to the Referral Program will be effective immediately upon announcement on our platform. By participating you agree to these terms.

Miscellaneous Provisions

By using our platform, you may encounter links to external websites or resources, including third-party advertisers. We do not hold any control over these external entities and are not responsible for any issues arising from your interaction with these sites or resources.

Our platform uses cookies – small text or data files placed on your device by websites you visit. These enhance site efficiency and provide us with user insights. The data these cookies gather, including visitor count and user behavior, remains anonymous.

We reserve the right to modify or cease our platform's service at any time, without prior notice to you. This Agreement is personal to you, aiming to avoid unauthorized rights transfer. Invalidity of any provision of this Agreement under applicable laws does not affect the validity of remaining provisions. This Agreement, coupled with our Privacy Policy, forms the entire agreement, superseding any previous verbal or written agreements.


All legal issues will be governed by the laws of Connecticut. Any litigation arising from this Agreement or related to our platform shall be brought to the state or federal courts situated in Connecticut, and you agree to the jurisdiction of such courts.

Online Copyright Infringement

If you believe your copyrighted work has been repurposed on our platform without permission or it contains links or references to any copyright-infringing material, please inform us by providing necessary information as required by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. §512. Please direct your notice to dmca@learnbitcoin.io.

Your understanding and acceptance of these terms are imperative for the mutual respect and operation of our platform. Thank you for your cooperation and respect for these terms.